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The Governing Board of Directors and head office for KBC-Elevate is based in Wellington, New Zealand.  


KBC-Elevate Wellington provide training, leadership and human development for all members as well as clients. We specialize in Financial, Assurance and Risk Management, Leadership and Human Development, Strategic and Governance Planning.   


KBC-Elevate team in Wellington, NZ.


KBC-Elevate Ltd has been operational in the Republic of Vanuatu since 2015 providing consulting services as well as contracting out individual personnel for specialized roles in various fields under different national development projects in Vanuatu. The geographical location of Vanuatu on the Pacific Ring of Fire and near the Equator means that Vanuatu is prone to many different natural and geo-hazards including tropical cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. Due to impacts from these natural hazards, many of the national projects undertaken in the past 5 to 10 years have been infrastructure projects to build new and resilient infrastructure or re-construct those damaged by natural disasters. KBC-Elevate has had the opportunity to contribute to several of these major national infrastructure projects since 2015, involving wharves, airport runways, roads and bridges  and building construction. Initially, services provided were mainly under the Environmental and Social Safeguards Component of the various projects and over time these have been extended to technical and  project administrative support.  


KBC-Elevate office in Port Vila, Vanuatu.


KBC-Elevate team in Vanuatu.


KBC Elevate Solomon Islands comprises of a six-member core team and a number of supporting competent professionals with various expertise in the areas of Political economic analysis, public and private sector policy, commerce, Real Estate and property development, Education, Private Public Partnerships, working with Donors and NGO’s, climate change and natural resource management, human development and health and nutrition. 
KBC Elevate SI has a high profile in providing quality services which effect positive change and lasting impact to its clients. 
KBC Elevate SI was established in Solomon Islands in 2006, registered under the name of KBC Empower. However, with its evolving structure and expansion of its professional services and its regional networking, it has changed its name in 2014 as KBC Elevate Ltd. 

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KBC-Elevate team in Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands

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