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KBC-Elevate Ltd (KBC-E) was originally founded as 'KB Consultants Limited' in 2003. KBC-E is a consulting practice that specialises in areas of business management and development. 


The Governing Board of Directors and head office is in Wellington, New Zealand. There is also an office in Suva, Fiji Islands, Port Vila, Vanuatu and Honiara, Solomon Islands. KBC-E works alongside different organisations to identify areas where the specific business can improve and expand providing extensive advice based upon available resources and its operating industry. KBC-E offers tailored services that are designed to enhance businesses and enable greater levels of performance and productivity. KBC-E continually evaluates the effectiveness of its services to ensure relevancy and innovation in a fast-changing environment. 


KBC-E draws its consultants from a diverse pool of professionals both locally and internationally. KBC-E consultants are diverse in experience, skill and capability and each bring a level of knowledge and understanding of both the public and private sectors through extensive work experience. 


We believe that the greatest and finest resource is people.  We therefore have a vision of empowered people operating out of a sense of conviction and full sight of their worth and identity.  It is imperative that ethical and transparent systems and structures are established to enable these people to reach their full potential.  People must feel empowered to be highly productive and efficient. Empowered people in the hands of any organisation are a potent force. 



Building professional and trusted relationships in the midst of a changing global market is crucial to our philosophy of 'empowerment'. Everything that we do is centred on empowering an organisation and its people to achieve its objectives and therefore its vision.  We place emphasis on, "accuracy and relevancy", in timing and execution. 



We operate on an ethical and relational platform that is founded on the principles of integrity, honesty and stewardship. We believe there is more to business than simply profit or loss. We promote a new standard for business with a focus on building sustainability though transferring knowledge and understanding of best practice. 

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