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Congress WBN 



Congress WBN (C-WBN) is a unique, faith-based organization affecting human, social and national transformation in nations throughout the earth. Congress WBN is a UK-registered charity. Congress WBN operates in over 120 countries on six continents, with offices in major world cities including London, Washington D.C., Brussels, Port of Spain, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Harare, Lagos, Addis Ababa, Lusaka, Mumbai and Wellington in New Zealand. 


Across our global network, we work with individuals, organizations, and countries to develop leadership skills, community and institutional capacity, education initiatives and technology-based programs that are consistent with our Bible-based beliefs and values. 


Congress WBN works with church leaders, ethical businesses and business leaders, professionals, civil society organizations and national leaders, to promote a wide range of values-based development programs and initiatives. 


The Founder and President of Congress WBN is Dr Noel Woodroffe. He heads the Global Congress Leadership team, a diverse group of individuals that oversees C-WBN’s vast operations. The Congress leadership team is drawn from the Caribbean, Africa, the USA, the Middle East, the Pacific, Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Congress Corporate 


Congress Corporate is a global network of interrelated Kingdom businesses and business leaders whose vision, resources, products and people are linked together in one unified purpose. 

Congress Corporate, as the expression of Congress WBN in the global marketplace, is characterized by a significant inflow of apostolic grace into the lives and operations of its members. In such a system of networking, the spiritual characteristics of covenant, integrity, transparency, loyalty and faithfulness assume premium value. Compromise of these life-giving qualities cannot be allowed within the system. 


Our vision is to create an accurate and effective interface for the propagation and proclamation of Kingdom purposes, values, principles, mentalities and patterns in the global marketplace by raising up a global network of like-minded Business Leaders and Kingdom Businesses. 

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